Turkish Dinner

Mustafa and Merve were so kind to invite me and friends from the LL.M. program to their house for dinner. They prepared a huge dinner for us with homemade halva and and havuc tatlisi for dessert. My favorite dish from the dinner was (what I think they called) Mercimek Koftesi. I could have eaten it all day.

MerveĀ also showed me how to prepare Turkish tea using a special Turkish, stacking teapot.


back row: incirli-tarcinli kurabiye (fig cookies), mercimek koftsi
middle row: Turkish halva, Turkish cheese triangles, cabbage salad
front row: potato salad, a cream and chocolate dessert, havuc tatlisi, and Rulo Pasta (I think).

Turkish dinner

Kali, Martin, Elise, Erle, Tatiana, Merve and Mustafa.

Tea time Group pic 2